Educational institutions today, as in the past two or more decades, are challenged to make education relevant and responsive to the signs of the times. Assumption College of Davao (ACD) took this challenge by advancing academic excellence on the basis of social orientation and the conviction for an education that transforms society. Research is one of the very important functions to attain this challenge.

ACD views the function of research as an integral and inseparable part in the fields of instruction and community extension. Given that social and natural conditions are constantly changing, research can drive development and update one’s knowledge. Research studies can also provide people concrete understanding and approaches in response to the changing social phenomenon. In research, academic disciplines must be inter-connected in order to construct valid or reliable theories. In this process, teachers can also teach students and discuss with co-educators theories based on actual social conditions and integrated scientific processes. Moreover this can develop concrete analysis to concrete conditions with critical, broad, and open thinking.

ACD values the role of research in education in order to systematize and contextualize the instructions in its nucleus and in its authenticity. Research encourages members of the institution to integrate with the basic sectors of society and to give due regard to one’s responsibilities towards environment. Extension programs are good sources of studies in research where data and theoretical basis are grounded on people’s experiences and environmental conditions. With the aid of the school’s extension program, research can facilitate among the members the development of proper social perspectives, values, social moral standards, scientific thinking, and a sense of social responsibility.

Research provides scientific answers to problems in the levels or aspects of an institution, community and society as a whole. It also illustrates alternatives for people’s emancipation and technological advancements that care for life.

Research Agenda

Among the significant focal points of the educational approach of ACD, grounded on its Vision-Mission-Goals, is its social orientation and its active participation for social transformation. The Research and Planning Office (RPO) promotes research activities and projects related to environment, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, industry, technology, and spirituality that can be of great help in the protection and development of our partner communities, partner organizations, the society, and all life forms on earth.

The research agenda are the following:

      The school promotes researches that are responsive to social phenomenon and its process of development. It advocates researches that are gender sensitive and can emancipate women and men against any form of unequal relationships. It seeks to study culture of the Lumads and Moro peoples, their rights to ancestral domain and self-determination. This also includes researches that recognize the very important role of education in uplifting the consciousness of the people in the marginalized communities whose access to quality education is limited and where proposals of theories and practices of social change, equal gender relations and development, educational reforms and policies are encouraged.
      Protection of the environment is one of the main advocacies of the school. Through studies and researches the causes and effects of environmental destruction are scientifically identified and evaluated. The use of approaches in natural sciences can bring about valid recommendations and initiatives for the development and protection of the environment.
      ACD’s social endeavors encourage a nationalist industrialization in this era of global technological advancement, trade, business, and the phenomenon of labor exportation. They acknowledge initiatives for researches in the fields of information technology, hotel and restaurant management, business innovations, and other technical fields that can contribute to sustainable livelihood through participation of the school’s partner communities and as well as other communities. RPO supports technical and business researches that pursue economic self-reliance, strengthen fair trade, and technological advancement in the pursuit of Filipino interests and the protection of the environment.
      Research aims to produce studies that propose, lobby, or demandpolitical or electoral reforms which promote human rights. It also seeks to advance the development of partner communities through increased awareness on participation in community organizing, and social mobilization for holistic growth.
      While ACD encourages researches for the advancement of instruction and appropriate teaching strategies for our faculty towards becoming effective and efficient educators, thecharism of the Missionaries of the Assumption inspires and guides, its members to aspire for studies and theological reflections on both individual and collective spiritual development rooted in the signs of the times and interconnected with God’s creation. It aims to develop practices that can build an open, suitable, collaborative team building evaluation and discussion processes. These approaches help to consolidate community life and healthy interpersonal relationships.
      The school endorses researches that can contribute to the development of ACD as an institution. It encourages researchers to conduct studies on quality processes that can improve institutional system and structural management, finance management, curriculum development, support services, safety and security which eventually will result in the increase in enrolment.

Mr. Jopriz M. Bueno
The Research and Planning Office
Room 109 and 110 Ground Floor, Queen of Peace Building
Assumption College of Davao
J.P. Cabaguio Avenue, Davao City
Telephone Number: 225-0720 to 23 Local 1055
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