1. General Reference – books such as encyclopedia, almanac, atlas, handbooks, yearbooks, gazetteers, directory, dictionary, and all books marked “GR” in their call numbers.

2. Newspapers and Magazines –publications usually issued daily or weekly, containing current news editorials, feature articles, and usually advertising. One single issue is available within a specific period of time and there are no duplicate copy/ies unlike books.

3. Vertical File Collection – clippings, pamphlets, reprints, and other miscellaneous materials relating to persons, places, organizations, and topical subjects relating to the courses offered and also articles relating to the VMG of ACD.

4. Reserved Books or books set aside or withheld for a specific use, cannot be borrowed for home use so that students of all courses can make use of these books within the library.

A. Fines for Overdue and Lost Books:

The following fines are imposed for unreturned overdue books:

For Circulation, Fiction, and Filipiniana books: P2.50/day

B. For Lost/Damaged Books

a. When a borrowed library book is lost, inform the librarian/library staff immediately to avoid accumulation of fines.

b. The borrower is given one week to locate the missing book. If it is really lost, an exact replacement copy is required. An additional of P25.00 is charged for the technical/ reprocessing of the book.

c. Damaged books and periodicals will be charged against the last borrower.

d.An amount of P5.00 is charged per damaged/torn page of the material.

C. Delinquent Borrower

A delinquent borrower is still allowed to use the library and its resources provided he/she has settled all accounts due with the library.

D. Number of Books to be borrowed

A maximum of three (3) different titles of books can be borrowed by a college student.

E. Sanctions on Stealing or Attempting to Steal from the Library

For first offenders: Any or all of the following sanctions given after due process by the Student Discipline Committee

    1. Discipline probation
    2. Assessment of Php 1,000.00 fine for each book/multimedia material stolen.
    3. Suspension