In today’s global economy and competition for talent, the Training and Development Program has become an important vehicle for developing and keeping talented personnel. Research findings provide evidence that organization depends largely on training and development program when competition for required talent is intense and findings qualified individuals are quite difficult and expensive.

The ever-increasing competitiveness among organizations has motivated ACD to design its Training and Development Programs.

The HRTD Program aims to develop and sustain knowledgeable, skilled, competent and dedicated personnel who will deliver the best services to his/her clients and to help the management meet the school’s strategic goals and objectives to improve organizational performance

Exposure and Immersion (E-I) Program

This is a program of the school in cooperation with the community partners committed to work for the liberation of the struggling masses of the society. The annual E-I which is conducted for a period of one week has paved the way for a strengthened solidarity with the poor of the employees since 1985.