The ACD clinic is committed to promote the overall welfare of the school by maintaining a healthy environment for its students and personnel, in order for them to function to the best of their abilities and capabilities. As such, the ACD –¬†Clinic believes that this will not only benefit the members of this community, but the society as well.

With this task comes the development of a comprehensive health program:

  • The Medical-Dental Health Service
  • The Disease Control and Prevention Program
  • The Instructional Health Program
  • The Community Outreach Health Program; and
  • Alternative Health Care Services

The objectives of the program are:

  • To promote and maintain medical and dental health through a comprehensive Medical-Dental health program.
  • To ensure the prevention and control of the spread of communicable diseases through a prompt and thorough information drive and preventive measures.
  • To enhance health monitoring among students, faculty and staff who need follow-up care, health and guidance and counseling.
  • To strengthen its clinic-initiated immunization program among students and staff.
  • To enhance the school’s health and illness awareness as well as to promote and carry out positive health habits.
  • To promote the culture of community service by organizing community based free clinics through the ACD -Clinic outreach program.

Ethel Marie U. Aguilar
Student Services Coordinator
Ground Floor, Queen of Peace Bldg.
Assumption College of Davao
J.P. Cabaguio Avenue, Davao City
Telephone Number: 225-0720 to 23 local 1028