In the light of Christian faith, ACD programs, activities and structures are re-oriented so that they are contextualized in present realities and in line with the option for the poor.

The thrust of the school is to enable the pupils and students to discern present realities in the light of the Gospel message for total human salvation and to participate now and in the future in the liberation and development of the poor.

Therefore, in line with the avowed mission and thrust of the Assumption College of Davao, the Search and Growth Center has set upon itself objectives, program and services which will help carry out the mission and thrust.


  1. to develop persons who are socially conscious, possessing human dignity and are free to associate with all kinds of people
  2. to develop abilities to solve problems and make decisions and to be responsible for the consequences
  3. to facilitate the formation of values and attitudes as a basis for adjustment to life situations
  4. to assist in the development of abilities, interests and potentials as basis for participation in bringing about social transformation
  5. to promote the values of stewardship in the judicious use of the earth’s resources and simple life style

Ethel Marie U. Aguilar
Student Services Coordinator
Ground Floor, Queen of Peace Bldg.
Assumption College of Davao
J.P. Cabaguio Avenue, Davao City
Telephone Number: 225-0720 to 23 local 1028