The integrated program of instructions follow a sequential development of basic concepts, skills, values and attitudes in the different subject areas. Lessons are related with situations in the child’s life experience and social realities. Learning in one discipline is used as springboard for learning in another.

In this program, the inherent potentials, interests and attitudes of each child are stimulated through dialogical teaching-learning process which is essential for the development of critical thinking, right judgment and the capacity to learn independently . Vital components of the program are research, exposures and educational trips.

In support of the holistic development of the child, co-curricular activities complement classroom experiences designed to stimulate the best in the child and to provide opportunities for community involvement.

In analysis of the present situations, the school believes that the national education goals should be supplemented by the school’s goal and objectives. It believes that genuine development and nationalism can be attained only when citizens are critical and analytical thinkers who are knowledgeable and truly concerned of the Filipino people.

These past few years, ACD students, and pupils situation have shown remarkable improvement not only in their awareness of the present situation but also in their involvement in community-oriented programs and activities inside and outside of the school campus. These have been proven by feedbacks coming from our parents community leaders, and visitors.

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