An essential part of the Assumption College of Davao (ACD) curriculum, the annual Exposure-Immersion program of ACD is easily the most tangible form of education-formation it has for the school community.

It is based on the following principles:

    ACD is a Catholic School which has a clearly-articulated Vision, Mission and Goals

  • As Catholic Educational Institution, it upholds the Catholic Education Principles whose key elements are defined by the Post Vatican II. (a spirituality that has a firmer understanding of structures of evil, social responsibility and the Reign of God, etc.)
  • A concrete response to the Challenge of Transformative Education — a kind of a model in education that must address the liberation of the human person from oppressive structures of society.
  • As a Catholic School, ACD takes a clear stand on Social Responsibility.

With this framework, the clear goal is to understand the basic requirement for Peace based on Justice: learning about the real life situation of the basic sectors of our society, namely the Peasants, the Workers, the Indigenous peoples, and the Moro people.

The INDIGENOUS PEOPLE links us to the state of our environment or ecosystems;

The PEASANTS make us see the real situation of our FOOD SECURITY;

The WORKERS point to us the futility of governing structures that feed on the sweat and labor of the toiling masses;

The MORO people remind us to be vigilant with our sovereignty as a people, and to be steadfast in our struggle for self-determination.

The Exposure / Immersion are efforts that ground us on our Christian values as Filipinos.

That we may not forget that we are interlinked with each other.

And with all of creation.