In order to facilitate the general objectives, the CES office specifically aims to:

  • Conduct programmatic and regular community extension services in the areas of health, environment, non-formal education, socio-politics, and spirituality to the identified areas of ACD.
  • Facilitate the entry of students, pupils and personnel to the identified areas for community extension;
  • Create an effective and efficient system of collaboration with club moderators and department heads in bringing their pupils or students to the CES site;
  • Establish culturally sensitive communication structure among other ACD institutional units and agency’s of PrOs, Als POs, GOs and NGOs;
  • Conduct regular assessment and evaluation on the activities implemented per school year;
  • Provide documents regarding the assessment of CES participants to interested CES partners for purposes of evaluation, accountability and greater collaboration.

Community Engagement Activities

  • Forum/Symposium/Advocacy
  • Exposure &¬†Immersion
  • Community Organizing and Development
  • Fact-finding Mission
  • Area Visitation and Monitoring
  • Community Health Workers Training
  • Environmental Related Programs
  • Livelihood Programs

Scope and Limitation

  1. Take charge of the Social Engagement Ministry
  2. Facilitates the planning and implementation of the program and activities within community extension service of the BED, College Department and ATVI.
  3. Coordinates with the target communities in terms of community engagement program of ACD.
  4. Represents the school in CES related meeting, seminars, symposium, workshops and trainings outside the school.
  5. Is responsible for the campaigns, publication and dissemination of relevant information to the ACD community.
  6. Report directly to the school president from time to time as stipulated in organizational chart.
  7. Accepts other tasks which deemed necessary under changing circumstances and needs.