Assumption College of Davao (ACD) being part of CEAP took up the challenge to make the education relevant and responsive to community needs and social realities. With this, we aim to advance academic excellence alongside a strong social orientation and passion towards an education that transforms society. Its advocacies and stance on social issues is its imperative function to attain this challenge.

ACD formulated its own advocacies and programs in line with its rearticulated Vision-Mission-Goals (VMG) and its Characteristics of the Assumptionist. These are incorporated into its curriculum across key learning areas. ACD’s transformative educational agenda are aligned to its vision of a society that is just, humane, nationalist, democratic, peaceful, faith motivated, and interconnected with the totality of God’s creation. The identified advocacies impart with our students social responsibility as a core practice in our education so that they can develop both the passion and the skill to help transform society into one that is genuinely democratic, productive, sustainable, peaceful and just.