Old Pupils/Students:

    1. Report Card



With Accounts ; Claim at Window 5
Without Accounts ; Claim at Window 10

    1. Certification of Grade/s (for Grades 8 to 10 who took summer classes)

New Pupils/Students (First Year and Transferees):

    1. Notice of Application Result (Qualified for Admission)
    2. Report Card / Form 138 (original copy)
    3. Birth Certificate from NSO (1 photocopy)
    4. Certificate of Good Moral Character (for Grades 7 to 10 only, 1 original copy)
    5. ESC Grantee Certificate (for ESC grantees from previous school, 1 original copy)
    6. DepEd Permit/Recognition of the previous school (for new pupils/students > case-to-case only, 1 certified true copy)


STEP 1 :Covered Court / Gym

Fill-in registration form, one (1) ID slip and one (1) book slip completely, clearly/ legibly and have it checked and signed by the registration officer.

STEP 2 :Records and Admissions Office (RAO)

Submit the registration form with all the requirements to either Window 3 or Window 4 for encoding and wait for the form to be given back to you.

STEP 3 : Finance Office / Cashiers- Office

Submit the registration form (with all the requirements), book slip and ID slip to either Window 6 or Window 7 and pay tuition, miscellaneous, books, Genyo, PTA membership and others fees. Leave the registration form to the cashier after payment in exchange of the official receipt, book slip and ID slip stamped as “ENROLLED”.

STEP 4 :ID Center (Ground Floor > next to HS Guidance Office)

Present official receipt and ID slip stamped as “ENROLLED”to secure school ID.

STEP 5 :Textbook Center

Present official receipt and book slip to get books.


Your class section will be posted inside the school premises on or before the first day of classes.


For more information:

Flordeliza P. Masugot
Ground Floor, Queen of Prophets Bldg
Assumption College of Davao
J.P. Cabaguio Avenue, Davao City
Telephone Number: (082) 225-07-20 to 23 local 1034